Monday, 29 June 2009

Heel Toe Magic

The trailer for "HEEL TOE MAGIC" - Andy Evans' follow up film to possible the funniest UK skate video ever released - This N That - is up online.

Check out Darran Nolan representing

Friday, 26 June 2009

AOP Open Awards

Rogue's favourite portrait photographer MAX HAMILTON has had three images shortlisted for the AOP Public Choice Award 2009. Considering only 90 images have been chosen from the thousands sent in, this is no mean feet!

Max's portrait of Jenna (Huck Issue 13) is one of his entries. Voting is currently open, to cast your vote visit:


Max's latest of the team at last weekends Girl Skate Jam:

Our tribute to the ledgend that was MJ

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Full write up out shortly, but here's a short brief ditto of the days happenings:

Girls from Czech, Poland, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Spain and the UK travelled to the Pioneer Skate park in St Albans on June 20th for the 8th annual Girl Skate Jam. More than 40 riders turned up to skate the comp and catch up with friends. Hats have to go off to the 6 girls who came over from Spain and camped in the green next to Pioneer for two nights and nearly got abducted by a taxi driver!! It was good to see new faces coming through on the UK scene especially with ramp ripper Charlotte Thatcher, a Romford local.

Thanks to all the sponsors: Nikita, Les Ettes, Vans, Eastpak, Death, LoveNskate, Pro Tech and Rogue for all their help.

Also thanks to LoveNskate's Alex Barton, Les Ettes' Carmela Fleury and last minute stand in Rubicon Geoff for offering their judging skills, MC Joff, DJ's Ian and John, filmers Leigh Burton, James Strutt and Michael McInally and all the other Pioneer volunteers - Heidi Blum, Chloe Bennett, Lloyd, Jake Williams, Leah Smithson, Matt Talbot, and Di Headley, who really made the day!!

Check out more photos from the day:

Rogue Facebook Page
The Girl Skate Jam Myspace
Les Ettes blogpage

The Girls Skate Jam results are as follows:

1st - Lucy Adams UK (Etnies, Eastpak)
2nd - Helena Long UK (Vans, Rogue, Royal Trucks)
3rd - Caroline Dynybil CZECH (Nikita)

Over 18
1st - Andrea Wilhusen SPAIN
2nd - Silvia Serret March SPAIN
3rd - Fran Stroud UK

Under 18
1st - Charlotte Laxton UK
2nd - Charlotte Thatcher UK
3rd - Ellie Reed UK

1st - Danielle Mellor UK
2nd - Julia Wilhusen SPAIN
3rd - Helen Lovelee AUSTRALIA

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Georgi and Jenna in Prague

Rogue girls, Jenna and Georgi are currently filming in Prague with Lisa Whitaker of the Side Project and World Cup ranking no1 Lacey Baker. Check out the updates on the Side Project Twitter:

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Girl Skate Jam UK - Update

Ok two weeks to go, here's the lowdown on the comp:

Rough running times -

13.00-14.30 Registration/Jam
14.30-14.45 Under 18’s Warm Up
14.45-15.15 Under 18’s Street
15.15-15.30 Over 18’s Warm Up
15.30-16.00 Over 18’s Street
16.00-16.45 Miniramp
16.45-17.00 Sponsored Street Warm Up
17.00-17.30 Sponsored Street
17.30-18.00 Prizes
18.00 Finish

AFTER PARTY will be at the Skate park - skating and chilling to a combination of Tesco's disposable BBQ's and dodgy 80's IPOD playlists.

Sponsors: Rogue, Vans, Nikita, Les Ettes, Eastpak, LoveNskate, Death, Pro Tech

Monday, 1 June 2009

'As if, And What' - Part 2

Catch the second installment of the filming mission for 'As if, And What' on the CROSSFIRE WEBSITE