Monday, 31 August 2009

Croxley Skate Comp

Croxley Green Skate Park held it's third annual skate jam on Sat 22nd August. In recent months the park has been overrun with BMXers and it was decided to try and reclaim back the park for skaters,bladers and scooterers for the day.

Guys from LoveNskate and Rogue had been lined up to do a demo for the excited kids, although at the last minute some of the Rogue team pulled out due to skater time keeping. So Georgi represented for the team and she did it very well, even bagging herself 1st place in the girls comp...ok admittedly she was the only one to enter in the division but gave an impressive perormance of tricks including a kickflip transfer from quatre to flat bank.

With four Rogue decks and a bunch of Vans goodies prizes were a plenty. Well done Cat Baldwin for organising the comp, roll on next year

The Spinal Tap effect

We received a mail to say that the Pink Sessions - snowboard evenings for girls - were organising a minramp jam at the SnoZone.

Lucy, Dani, Jenna and Stef battled their way through 4 hour oil spialges, horrendous jams and paying twice for bus fares as an online booking facility hadn't worked! Mission!!

Anyone who has seen Spinal Tap will be able to appreciate the calamity that was to be. The day before the jam it was confirmed that the ramp would be a 5 can imagine the delight that was that on arrival the ramp turned out to be only 1 foot high!! top it off, it hadn't even been assembled!! 3 blokes were arguing over as to where to put the screws, which surely on a ramp of that extreme size shouldn't be difficult.

To save the day MK skate organiser Snusher sorted out free lift passes to the slopes for everyone who had travelled.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

A bit of a wash out

The OSS Jam was unfortunately hit by the beautiful British summer weather, in the not so good way! Torrential rain forced organiser Stef Nurding to abandon the comp.

However not all was lost, the pub round the corner offered free pool, Monopoly and student priced drinks. It also gave mini ramp wonder Danielle Mellor a chance to show off her juggling skills, which were of course caught on camera for As If and What?...well if we can't film skating juggling obviously comes in a close second!

Girl Skate Jam UK - Write Up

Catch the write up from this years Girl Skate Jam on CROSSFIRE

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Croxley Green Skate Park

Croxley Green Skate Park is hosting it's third skate comp on Saturday 22nd August.
8-12's comp will take place between 10am-12pm and 13-19's, girls and 19+ between 1-6pm.
GOOD: Entry is Free
BAD: Under 18's have to wear helmets...sorry it's ROSPA rules!!
Address: Baldwins Lane (Top of), Croxley Green, Herts, WD3 3LP
Tel: 01923 776611
Rogue are proud sponsors of the event!