Monday, 31 August 2009

The Spinal Tap effect

We received a mail to say that the Pink Sessions - snowboard evenings for girls - were organising a minramp jam at the SnoZone.

Lucy, Dani, Jenna and Stef battled their way through 4 hour oil spialges, horrendous jams and paying twice for bus fares as an online booking facility hadn't worked! Mission!!

Anyone who has seen Spinal Tap will be able to appreciate the calamity that was to be. The day before the jam it was confirmed that the ramp would be a 5 can imagine the delight that was that on arrival the ramp turned out to be only 1 foot high!! top it off, it hadn't even been assembled!! 3 blokes were arguing over as to where to put the screws, which surely on a ramp of that extreme size shouldn't be difficult.

To save the day MK skate organiser Snusher sorted out free lift passes to the slopes for everyone who had travelled.

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