Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ladies Monthly 7.0

If you haven't already seen it, the 7th (!!) ladies monthly is taking place on the 25th - 26th August ooop north, get in contact with Lois or Dani if you fancy joining them. Best option is through their Facebook Page - click on the pic

Croxley Results

Congrats to all those who came along to the Croxley Green Skate Park Jams this weekend. Admittedly the BMXing may have stolen the show with the face plant to concrete, but it was good to see all the up and coming groms in the area, one who took 2 Rogue boards home with him.

Helena joins Les Ettes

Conrats to Helena Long who has just joined with force formidable Les Ettes, check out the article on their website HERE

New Pics up on our Mpora page

Pictures may or may not seen before of the team et al up on our Mpora page:

Maria travels...again!

Maria is yet again busy working hard on well...travelling! With no set plans really apart from skating and seeing friends.

She's starting in LA then heading to NY then final stop in Iceland to see Nikita. Watch this space for pics from her travels

Polish Girls Tour

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the rad recent Polish Girls tour at, including Karolina Gorlewska and the most crazy girl on the planet - Aleks Mazaurkiewicz

Jenna in Shanghai

If you get a chance to grab a copy of this months Cooler, check out the article on Jenna's recent trip to Shanghai

New Footage of Emily

Some new footage over from Scot Emily Russell and her Iron Bru, filmed by Paul Silvester

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Boards

Finally have a date for arrival of the new boards...3 weeks from today!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ladies Monthly 5.0

If you didn't catch the recent Ladies Monthly 5.0 trip to Scotland check out the footage here - with Helena's impressive 9am skating...surely that's wrong!

Helena places 3rd in Rome

Well done to Helena who's just placed 3rd in the Rome World Cup event and to Lois Pendlebury who took second and Leticia Boufoni 1st.

Croxley Skate Comp

We'll again be sponsoring the Croxley Skate Park Skate Jam.

This year it will be on Sat 21st August. There will be a girls comp sometime between 1 - 6pm, Beginners 10-12pm, Everyone else 1-6pm

Entry is free. Prizes - Rogue Skateboards, Carhartt, Sputnik Shop, Youth Connections and Three Rivers

More Info coming soon.

NASS Footage

NASS Results

NASS 2010 - What a corker!! Bath and West showground again hosted the annual spots festival and this year was probably the best girls comp they've seen to date.

In all 15 riders entered, fresh from her appearance at the Girl Skate Jam 2 weeks again Evelien Bouilliart made the trip over to the west of England. The other cont
inental representative was Emma Lingden from Sweden. Furthest travelled were Kara Geatz-Bruce (Canada) and champion supreme Letícia Bufoni (Brazil), hot off her 2nd place at Mystic Cup last week.

This year organisers had manged to arrange the comp for the earlier time of 8pm, although the BMXing qualifiers over ran so it was closer to 9pm before things kicked off. The girls competed in in a jam format - split into 4 groups - with the top rider from each qualifying for the final.

Group A - Charlotte Thatcher, Fran Stroud, Georgina Matthews and Helena Long.

Group B - Dani Gallagher, Charlotte Brennon, Lucy Adams and Kara Geatz-Bruce.

Group C - Sophie Allen, Evelien Bouilliart, Ellie Ford and Emma Lindgren

Group D - Letícia Bufoni, Emma Richardson and Claire Jones

It was a no holds barred contest, Letícia and Evelien dominated the rail down the stairs with back smiths, lipslides and feebles been thrown down amongst other tricks. Ellie Ford landed a good fronside heel on the bank, Emma Lingden a frontsdie air out of the quatre, Helena an inward heel over the hip, Fran a double flip on the driveway and Emma a switch frontside 180 over the hip. Lucy started off fairly shakey and it looked doubtful whether she would reach the final or not. There had been one or two issues with the music which was sorted out halfway through her run. Obviously a few beats kicking in did the job for her and she landed a feeble on the flat rail and a fakie flip on the steep bank which helped see her go through to the final.

The others who qualified were Letícia Bufoni, Evelien Bouilliart and Helena Long. A fifth was awarded to Emma Lindgren for her performance in her run.

There then followed some confusion, the organisers of the event decided that everything was over and everyone had to leave the arena.
After 15minutes of no one really knowing what was happening it was decided that the final could take place. So the 5 girls took to the floor once more for another 5 minutes.

What a final. Everyone pushed themselves but it was clear from the start that it was going to be dominated by Evelien and Leticia. Both were using different parts of the park, but the comp ended up on the rail down the stairs. By this point MC Ben Powell announced that the final would actually not be finishing and the girls had all the time they wanted to do as many tricks down the rail as they could. Leticia was ridiculous - front feeble followed by a back smith. The crowd was actually going seriously wild! She then nollied, switch ollied and kick flipped the stairs, just because...she can! Evelien also had a good run and was trying her hardest to blunt down the rail, on the majority of the tries she got to the bottom only to hit the floor at an awkward angle and fall off. She had tweaked her ankle in the qualifiers, that coupled with a very drunk night before meant that she was just too tired in the end.

All in all a great stop UKSA!

1st Leticia Boufoni
2nd Evelien Bouilliart
3rd Lucy Adams
4th Helena Long
5th Emma Lindgren


The 9th annual Girl Skate Jam went down on Saturday on the 19th June at Pioneer Skate Park in St. Albans. It was an amazing day, a great turn out of girls and some great riding to be seen. The weather was touch and go but the rain held off, much to everyone’s relief. Full write up HERE

Click on the image to see the footage from the day

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ladies Monthly 3.0

Check out the St Albans Ladies Monthly Edit - The Bake and Skate

Click HERE!

Friday, 28 May 2010

List of competitions and events this summer!

• May 29th – 30th - Ladies Monthly 4.0 - Street contest at the “Hub Festival”, Liverpool, UK

• June’s LADIES MONTHLY date and location TBC

• June 5th - “Ambush at the Alley”, vert contest, Corby, UK

• June 19th - “Girls Skate Jam UK”, street and mini ramp contest, St Albans, UK

• July’s LADIES MONTHLY date and location TBC

• July 2nd - July 4th - “Mystic Cup”, street, Prague, Czech Republic

• July 9th – 11th - “Relentless NASS festival”, street contest, Bath, UK

• July 16th – 18th - “Rome World Cup Skate”, street and vert contests, Rome, Italy

• August 4th – 8th - “Relentless Boardmasters”, street and vert contest, Newquay, UK

• August 17th – 19th - LADIES MONTHLY 7.0, vert sessions, Malmo, Sweden TBC

• August 20th – 22nd - “Ultra Bowl”, street contest, Malmo, Sweden

• September 11th - “Grid City Games” Street contest and mini ramp jam, Milton Keynes, UK

• September 18th - “Seaside Sessions”, vert contest, Blackpool, UK

Keep updated by visiting the Ladies monthly webpage:!/group.php?gid=266396506768

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This coming Sunday 30th May sees the annual Streetfest. There will be a Mini Ramp Comp hosted by non other than Dave Chesson featuring 20+ of the U.K's finest riders.

There will be live music, film, and art, plus food and bars. It's only £8 for an all day pass, so please come down and support your ...local skateboard scene!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Helena on the mean streets of Tower Bridge

Making the most of the sudden British summer, Helena disclosed more of her secret spots in order to get some more tricks caught on camera for Cooler - this time the location was the back streets of Tower Bridge and a security guard who had no interest other than what the latest update on FB was! All in all a good Sunday

Sk8er girl (Helena Long) and guys at Welling

Helena made an appearance in a pretty epic film entitled - 'Sk8er girl (Helena Long) and guys at Welling'

It maybe slightly painful to watch, music is somewhat overly epic, but click on the picture to see what one guy and his camera can achieve hanging around the skatepark.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Emily Joins The Team

After her cracking appearance in the As If and What film, 16 year old Scottish lass Emily Russell has joined the Rogue team.

Back Tail - Photo Paul Silvester

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Helena's Shoot for Cooler

On a mildly warm Saturday, Miss Long took to the mean streets of South London to get some shots for a forthcoming Cooler interview.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


This years comp with take place on Saturday 19th June, at Pioneer Skate Park (, between 1- 6pm with BBQ and free skate for all afterwards.

Floor space available if you need to stay somewhere, no guarentees it will be comfortable mind!

Judges in the form of Les Ettes' Carmela Fleury and Lovenskate's Alex Barton. Resident Pioneer MC Joff Talbot will also be doing the honours.

Cheers to all the sponsors for supporting the event:

Death skateboards, Vans, Rogue, Rubicon, OH! Beanie, Nikita, Lovenskate, Pro Tec, Misticon, Cooler Magazine and Les Ettes.


Pioneer Skate Park is 20minutes on the train from Kings Cross Station - London, address:

Heathlands Drive
St Albans