Tuesday, 20 July 2010

NASS Results

NASS 2010 - What a corker!! Bath and West showground again hosted the annual spots festival and this year was probably the best girls comp they've seen to date.

In all 15 riders entered, fresh from her appearance at the Girl Skate Jam 2 weeks again Evelien Bouilliart made the trip over to the west of England. The other cont
inental representative was Emma Lingden from Sweden. Furthest travelled were Kara Geatz-Bruce (Canada) and champion supreme Letícia Bufoni (Brazil), hot off her 2nd place at Mystic Cup last week.

This year organisers had manged to arrange the comp for the earlier time of 8pm, although the BMXing qualifiers over ran so it was closer to 9pm before things kicked off. The girls competed in in a jam format - split into 4 groups - with the top rider from each qualifying for the final.

Group A - Charlotte Thatcher, Fran Stroud, Georgina Matthews and Helena Long.

Group B - Dani Gallagher, Charlotte Brennon, Lucy Adams and Kara Geatz-Bruce.

Group C - Sophie Allen, Evelien Bouilliart, Ellie Ford and Emma Lindgren

Group D - Letícia Bufoni, Emma Richardson and Claire Jones

It was a no holds barred contest, Letícia and Evelien dominated the rail down the stairs with back smiths, lipslides and feebles been thrown down amongst other tricks. Ellie Ford landed a good fronside heel on the bank, Emma Lingden a frontsdie air out of the quatre, Helena an inward heel over the hip, Fran a double flip on the driveway and Emma a switch frontside 180 over the hip. Lucy started off fairly shakey and it looked doubtful whether she would reach the final or not. There had been one or two issues with the music which was sorted out halfway through her run. Obviously a few beats kicking in did the job for her and she landed a feeble on the flat rail and a fakie flip on the steep bank which helped see her go through to the final.

The others who qualified were Letícia Bufoni, Evelien Bouilliart and Helena Long. A fifth was awarded to Emma Lindgren for her performance in her run.

There then followed some confusion, the organisers of the event decided that everything was over and everyone had to leave the arena.
After 15minutes of no one really knowing what was happening it was decided that the final could take place. So the 5 girls took to the floor once more for another 5 minutes.

What a final. Everyone pushed themselves but it was clear from the start that it was going to be dominated by Evelien and Leticia. Both were using different parts of the park, but the comp ended up on the rail down the stairs. By this point MC Ben Powell announced that the final would actually not be finishing and the girls had all the time they wanted to do as many tricks down the rail as they could. Leticia was ridiculous - front feeble followed by a back smith. The crowd was actually going seriously wild! She then nollied, switch ollied and kick flipped the stairs, just because...she can! Evelien also had a good run and was trying her hardest to blunt down the rail, on the majority of the tries she got to the bottom only to hit the floor at an awkward angle and fall off. She had tweaked her ankle in the qualifiers, that coupled with a very drunk night before meant that she was just too tired in the end.

All in all a great comp...next stop UKSA!

1st Leticia Boufoni
2nd Evelien Bouilliart
3rd Lucy Adams
4th Helena Long
5th Emma Lindgren

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