Sunday, 20 September 2009

Last few Days of filming

The last couple of days have seen Helena blitzing various spots around London. Friday started with filming at Victoria Park in Hackney - the place with the best slides in the world! From there it was to Wood Green with it's slightly bizarre half park set up, finishing up at Alley Palley with a couple of 5-0's.

Saturday, Lucy Adams joined the South London street spot tour. Although her and Jenna we're so busy nattering it took them 20 mins to realise they were going past Earl's Court (west London) but meant to be meeting Helena in Greenwich (south east London). The first spot, when they eventually got there, named the 'cheese' spot turned out to be a bust with a man coming out and asking Lucy what she would do if she hit a car with her board, her reply being "run very fast," to which he wasn't very amused! From there they headed to Deptford, Friendly Street to a great little plaza. Some really sick tricks went down until Lucy had a freak accident and her vain almost popped out of her leg. When Jenna tried to get ice from the shop across the road, the crazy man got out a knife and started chipping out blocks from his freezer, to which she assured him Sweetcorn would be just fine.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009

Sue Hazel submits Southsea and more

Sue Hazel has very kindly handed over the precious cine films of her skating for the forthcoming 'As If, And What' film.

Obviously not wanting some sort of hash up George Lucas style remastering job done on it, a brilliant firm in Three Bridges is going to transfer it over to digital. The footage which spans over 3 decades includes vert skating on the infamous Southsea Ramp.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Rogue on the radio

On the 13th August, Georgi and Jenna were invited to do a slot on Live radio. Completely open to any music, the tunes spun by the "professional" djs included amongst others: Paramore, Enter Shitkari, The Cribs and of course MJ!!

They were there also to talk about the Rogue team but it all ended up with far too much giggling and incredibly bad Alan Patridge impersonations.

Keep an ear out for the copy of the broadcast which will be posted up here soon. Cheers to Diana Headly for organising the day