Monday, 31 August 2009

Croxley Skate Comp

Croxley Green Skate Park held it's third annual skate jam on Sat 22nd August. In recent months the park has been overrun with BMXers and it was decided to try and reclaim back the park for skaters,bladers and scooterers for the day.

Guys from LoveNskate and Rogue had been lined up to do a demo for the excited kids, although at the last minute some of the Rogue team pulled out due to skater time keeping. So Georgi represented for the team and she did it very well, even bagging herself 1st place in the girls comp...ok admittedly she was the only one to enter in the division but gave an impressive perormance of tricks including a kickflip transfer from quatre to flat bank.

With four Rogue decks and a bunch of Vans goodies prizes were a plenty. Well done Cat Baldwin for organising the comp, roll on next year

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