Thursday, 12 February 2009

Winding up the filming with Giggsy

Filming is winding up for the Rogue promo, last day in Brum tomorrow. Today saw Jenna wing her way to the Manc-side to get some last bits of footage with Maria.'d think? Until...obviously being the cool cats they are, as a Mr Ryan Giggs nonchelantly walked past and stopped on the corner where they were filming Jenna of course wouldn't think to stand there with her mouth wide open staring - catching at least 2000 flies in the process. Then trying to silently mouth to Maria "it's Ryan Giggs. Ryan Giggs!!", subltey pointing behind her other hand while he looked on very confused - Maria in reply "Roy Keene wow yeh we should get him on film"

This of course went down very well and he expressed an immediate desire to be in the Rogue film which we had to let him down gently on. In sad reality he dived into the Laungerie shop opposite as quickly as possible to get away from the somewhat crazy people. Maria and Jenna sat outside waiting for their opportunity to ask him to be on film. After 20mins in the cold Maria plucked up the courage to go into the shop with Jenna now shamefacedly in tow.

Of course someone up above was having a good laugh as the split second they walked in, out walked Giggsy looking somewaht suspect at the camera Maria had ready in her hand. The two then had to spend some time in the shop to make their story look authentic.

Sadly Mr Giggs will not be on the forthcoming promo, but a lot of bloody good skating will be!

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  1. Hahahahahahah! Randomly just found & read this, really made me chuckle. Brilliant :-)