Thursday, 21 July 2011


This year team riders, Emma Richardson and Georgie Winter represented the Rogue team at Nass in shepton mallet, bath west showground, the line up of the girls to skate was huge! It was off the chain!

What a weekend!! Let’s ignore the fact that the girls skate comp started almost 3 hours late (!!) which was very frustrating (we’ll have a seperate post on this soon!!) but not only were the number of entries to the UK leg of the World Cup Skate Series held at NASS Festival higher than ever before (24 girls), not only was the cash prize purse bigger than ever before ($1,600), not only was there a bigger mix of nationalities (7 different countries represented) but thequality of skating was truly at an all time high – as you will see soon from soon-to-be-released videos.

Before I share the results, I’d like to do a few quick but important thank you’s: to the Rubicon guys Greg and Geofffor all their hard work in making this comp happen and for helping with travel by putting on a minibus from London and for stumping up the huge cash pot and products, to Danni for her tireless help in the organisation of it all and for the cool poster design, to Ben Powell (Sidewalk Mag) and Marc Churchill (Vans, Creature, Independent, Bones, Gravity Ramps…) for rocking the mic’s as always but especially to all the girlswho competed (and waited for such a long time to do so) – you’re all legends.

The results therefore of the 2011 Rubicon Girlzilla Skate Comp@ Relentless NASS are:

1st (US) – $1,000
2nd Alexis Sablone(US) – $400
3rd Letici Bufoni(Brazil) – $200
4th Jessica Florencio(Brazil) – Product
5th Lucy Adams(UK) – Product
6th Ester Perussi(Brazil) – Product
7th Eliana Sosco (Brazil) – Product
8th Marta Nery(Portugal) – Product

The remaining positions along with official scores will be released soon.

Phenomenal event, an amazing atmopshere and great to see such alot of bonding between all the girls from different countries. At the end of the day these events are all about enjoying yourself and promoting and supporting the girls skate scene for both the veteran competitors and those girls doing it for the first time. Awesome to see it all in action. Lots of pictures and video and longer write-up to come soon I’m sure.

look out for fottage to come

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